Christophe Avon, is a French artist (painter and musician) and scientist of Italian origin born in Nice (France) and living in Cagnes sur Mer (France) near Vence (French Riviera), his adopted city like Chagall, Renoir and Jean Cocteau. He was trained at the Municipal School of Plastic Arts Villa Thiole in Nice (France) and started working since computer-aided design in 1987 as a graphic designer and illustrator. Christophe Avon is also well-known for there several books and scientific papers on the evolution of species. Christophe Avon/Paolo Galleri work in artistic and scientific creation will last 40 years, demonstrating a strong interest and skills in visual communication.

His Scientific & Art Work


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MAHN Museum of Art & Natural History

Today (2023-2024), Christophe Avon/Paolo Galleri, is director of the Museum of Natural History MAHN.

MAHN includes a section on the Arts and develops the promotion of NFTs:


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    World Archives of Sciences & Art

    Christophe Avon is the founder of WAS

    World Archives of Sciences & Art:

    Service for Museums and scientists around the world.

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    Christophe Avon Interview

    Interview about his scientific work (in french):


    Other Links: profiles & online stores

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